According to the myth, time would have no influence on our divine beauty. We age without wrinkling and we would be attractive princesses with natural and eternal elegance !

well, well !

After several years of working in the most prestigious places and having worked for women who are the most demanding in the world … The Parisians, i am going to be a traitor to my fellow Parisian women and reveal to you through my SABRINA B tips. The soul of our universal appeal called « Je ne sais quoi » (I don’t know what).

The Parisian embodies the frenchwoman we admire! But you must know that only 31% of the Parisians were born actually in Paris. We are not born Parisian, we become it! Genes of good taste « french-style » do not exist but they are acquired, and even if we do not live in Paris.

The principle of this audacious mastered casualness is simple: Frenchwomen create their own styles without trying to stick on a label; But by sticking to the same essentials basics.

They have a coherent and universal way of skin care but they add their individualFrench touch.

The errors which we do not commit? 

Cross the border between the right dose and the too much…

Our watchword: LESS IS MORE and this is true for our hairstyle, for our makeup and even for the color of our nails

What is the « French-style » style: a real red on your lips, trendy red on your cheeks and especially not orange-colored, iridescent or sparkled. A perfect manure short and right nails.

That is your real parisian beauty which you can be too!

My favorite:

I would like to thank Lady Penny C for the corrections, which perfectly embody the incredible good taste between the American lifestyle and French-style beauty touch.