You are Wonderfull but SAVE YOUR SKIN,


The safest average to age well? Good genes, a healthy lifestyle and a good make-up removal. It is THE process youth which targets all the others.


The torpor takes me when I notice that the great majority of the women do not remove make-up or not correctly.  » Bah, I do not make up! « ;  » Bah, in the evening, I am tired, bah I takes wipes …  » This is what I hears most of the time but I want to tell you that I am not a magician, I am beautician!!!


It’s time to see again the fundamental,

You have to remove make-up in the evening, necessarily!

In reality, we should speak about make-up removal-cleaning, because, even if we do not make up, to make  » new skin  » the evening is essential. It is the night which the skin works on its repair, on its regeneration and, for it, she was have to be clean.

It is necessary to get rid of aggressors’ layer which one accumulate throughout the day: the SPF day creams are very irritating if we do not remove them; the volatile particles of pollution ultra polluting which stick on the skin; powders and pigments of make-up which hinder the breath… Well to clean the face of the superficial impurities is always a good way. The number 1 to protect the youth of the skin, avoid the cellular dysfunctions. As, for example, the skin feel drier than it is it naturally; enlarged pores; a « grey-complexion »; spots ; fine lines and then wrikles …


In most of the cases, me advise the duet Milk + Lotion Because the texture of the milk is best to emulsify make-up and\or impurities without being abrasive or destabilize the cutaneous balance.

The reason: the milk gets closer as closely as possible to the surface of the skin, established by sebum and by sweat. « The ideal milk also has to respect the pH of the weakly acid skin, possess emollient, moisturizing, soothing assets ». In brief, possess a formulation at the top level. Invest in a make-up remover as much as in an anti-ageing cream is always a good idea. The lotion, serves to eliminate the residues which persist on the skin after the milk and to tone up the skin.

To be perfectly effective, it must be chosen in the same line as the milk, both products having been formulated to complement itself. The one does not do the other one.

In an other time, I would speak to you other cleansing products such as faom or oil. But I have to present you two of my favorites : olivier Claire’s « cleanerteam »

olivierclaire removal